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If you are planning to work in engineering construction in the UK, you will need to take a basic DBS check.

Basic DBS checks are statutory checks administered by the Disclosure and Barring Service.

The Disclosure and Barring Service is a public body sponsored by the Home Office. The requirement for a basic DBS check for those working in engineering construction is set out in the 1974 Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.

The 1974 Rehabilitation of Offenders Act details a wide range of public-facing roles which must undergo a DBS check. The purpose of these checks and the Disclosure and Barring Service is to keep the public, particularly children and vulnerable adults, safe from those who are unsuitable for frontline roles.

The degree of background check required is dependent on the level of interaction you will have with the public, particularly children and vulnerable adults. Those who will engage in unsupervised contact during the working day are subject to the highest level CRB checks.

As an employee working in engineering construction your engagement with the public will be low level so you will only need a basic DBS check which can be requested by you or your employer.

A basic DBS check for those working in engineering construction involves a search by the DBS to verify whether you have any unspent criminal convictions or conditional cautions. This is a first tier check so it will not involve any spent convictions.

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