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CRB Cloud


CRB CloudA new service enabling Basic Disclosure applicants and employers to access premium features online via the CRB Cloud portal.

What are the benefits?

Safe and secure storage with peace of mind

Once you have received your Basic Disclosure certificate you can log in via our online portal using the details emailed to you shortly after applying.  As a cloud member you can  upload a scanned copy of your certificate online and thereafter rest assured that your Basic Disclosure details will be safely and securely stored online for your future reference.

Receive your certificate results online
As a Premium Cloud member, a personal summary report detailing the results of your criminal check will be generated as soon as your checks are complete and will be safely stored within your cloud account for you to download at your leisure. These results are typically available 2-3 days before you receive your certificate in the post.

Re-apply for your Basic Disclosure
Basic Disclosure certificates only reflect any unspent convictions up until the date of issue. If you require a more up-to-date Basic Disclosure check, you will need to request for a brand new application to be carried out which would show any further unspent convictions which have occurred since the date of your last Basic Disclosure check. If you or your employer decide that you require an up to date Basic Disclosure, cloud members can request a new Basic Disclosure certificate for just £35 (our service fee will be discounted in such instances). This is limited to one additional Basic Disclosure application per person, per 12 month subscription period via CRB Direct. You can re-subscribe to the cloud service (once the initial 12 month period has expired) by re-applying for a new Basic Disclosure check via our website, whereby a new 12 month cloud subscription will be activated. (Call for further details).

Faster application turnaround
The process of applying for a Basic Disclosure is often time consuming as you will need to supply up to 5 years of address history and provide scanned copies of identity and proof-of-address documents. If your address details have changed since your previous application, simply update your new address details (We keep you other addresses on our system) and upload recent documents and a member of our team will be ready to check and process your application. As an existing cloud member, your second application within 12 months will be processed as a fast track application; checked and submitted within 24 hours.

What is the cost?
There is no additional cost for using CRB Cloud. These services are included as an additional benefit to your application for a Basic Disclosure via CRB Direct. However, if you require an additional Basic Disclosure check to be processed within the membership period of 12 months, an additional payment of £35 will be required in order to cover CRB Direct's Processing fee (£10 incl VAT) and the Disclosure and Barring Service / Disclosure Scotland certificate fee (£25).

How do I register?
Registration is simple. Once you have completed your application online, a username and password will be sent to you via email which will allow you to log in to start using the CRB Cloud service immediately. For security and data protection purposes we would highly recommend updating your password the first time you log in to CRB Cloud.

Key facts

  • Launched in 2017, CRB Cloud is a new online service allowing applicants to access a range of features in a secure online environment, available 24/7.
  • If you or your employer require a printed copy of your existing Basic Disclosure certificate or if you would like to complete a new application, CRB cloud is an efficient way to access, share and review this information straight from the Cloud. The information required to re-apply will be accessible online for your peace of mind.
  • The CRB Cloud service is now available 24/7 to all CRB Direct customers throughout the world.