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How to Speed Up Your DBS Checks

Any time the DBS check system hits the headlines it’s usually because someone has been waiting weeks or months for their check to come back. There are however some tips and tricks which you can use to maximise your chances of speeding through the system.
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New Face Recognition for Uber Drivers

In London, concerns about the lack of proper disclosure checks for Uber drivers led to the company’s licence being suspended. The legal battle is still ongoing. In February 2020, Birmingham City Council announced that they were going to trial face recognition to help verify the identity of Uber drivers.
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Changes in Employment Law – what you need to know

Employment law is constantly changing and 2020 is shaping up to deliver more changes than previous years. Whether you’re an employer or a worker, it’s important to keep up to date with what’s happening in the employment world as it might affect your pay packet.
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Volunteers and DBS Checks

According to official figures there are around 14.5 million people in the UK who volunteer regularly. Volunteers do everything from working behind the counter at their local charity shop to pushing tea trolleys round hospital wards. Volunteers are an unpaid army who contribute in a multitude of ways to their local economies.
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GDPR and The Disclosure Process

The General Data Protection Regulation, usually abbreviated to GDPR, was introduced across Europe in May 2018. Even though the UK had already voted to leave the EU at that point, the GDPR rules still apply. Most businesses are up to speed already with their GDPR responsibilities, but some are still lacking.
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Secret To Getting DBS Checks Done More Quickly

The latest performance figures are out and they show that around the country, police forces are performing better against targets than previously. Nationally, the target of the majority of DBS checks being completed within 14 days is being achieved, but only marginally.
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Fake Documents and DBS Checks

Would you be able to spot a fake passport or driving licence if you saw one? What about a bank statement or utility bill? If your job is to organise DBS checks for people joining your organisation, then being alert for fakes is one of your main responsibilities.
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Kids and DBS Checks

There’s been lots of discussion about how important DBS checks are in order to safeguard children. Teachers, sports coaches and other people working with children usually need an enhanced disclosure check, and the processes for going about this is widely understood. But what happens when you have a young person who wants to work with children or vulnerable adults?
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Social Media and DBS Checks

How careful are you with what you write on social media sites? Most people are aware that anything they post on a public feed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or similar might come back to haunt them when applying for a new job. No prospective employer is going to be impressed with posts being critical of your previous employer, or sharing racist or abusive posts.
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