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New School Year, New DBS Check?

Among all the uncertainty, there will be new teachers and other members of staff due to take up new positions in school. But does that mean the DBS system will be flooded with many new applications?
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Contractors and DBS Checks

Contractors work in a wide range of occupations, from the building industry to IT in multinational companies. Not all of these roles will require a DBS check, but some might. Are there different rules for contractors who require a DBS check?
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Under 18s and DBS Checks

When it comes to disclosure checks, much of the emphasis is on protecting children from harm. But what happens for companies employing workers who are under 18 themselves?
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Delays in DBS Checks

Lots of things are taking longer than usual at the moment. The global pandemic, and the impact of people working from home or remotely has affected everything from driving tests to getting a renewal on your passport. One of the main areas which has seen delays is the processing of DBS checks.
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Background Screening and Academic Fraud

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Catch Me If You Can” starring Leonardo di Caprio, you’ll be familiar with the concept of academic fraud. People fake qualifications and lie on their CVs all the time. It’s not seen as a serious misdemeanour.
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Face Masks and DBS Checks

Wherever you live, the rules around face masks are enforced by law, and people who aren’t medically exempt and refuse to wear a mask or other covering could face fines. There is much confusion around what this actually means – does it mean you’ll get a criminal record and could it turn up on a future DBS check?
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Marine Medical Screening

If you have your heart set on a career at sea, there are a few more hurdles to jump than the standard employment screening. Whatever the type of job you are applying for, employers will ask to see your passport as proof of nationality.
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Unprecedented Challenges for Charity Sector

A recent survey among voluntary groups and charities in Surrey has revealed that 90% of charities of all sizes are expected to see a huge drop in income for 2020-21. 15% of groups did not expect to weather the storm, facing closure on a permanent basis.
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