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Contact Tracers Recruitment Shambles

We are now moving out of lockdown and into a system whereby the government aims to track down the people who have the virus and trace their contacts. The smartphone app is still in trial stages, and the process relies heavily on a team of contact tracers.
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Childcare Coronavirus and Au Pairs

Parents all over the UK are having to re-think their childcare options as nurseries and schools close during the coronavirus pandemic. Traditionally, one of the most flexible methods of childcare has been the au pair.
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Lockdown Offences and DBS Checks

By the end of April 2020, over 9000 fines for breaking lockdown rules had been issued by police across the UK. But could the offences appear on a DBS Check when you apply for a job in the future?
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Call for Private Tutors to Have DBS Checks

Unlike teachers who work in a school setting however, there is no requirement for private tutors to have a disclosure check. The National Education Union is calling for change, highlighting cases of teachers who have caused serious harm to children they are tutoring.
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Can I Request a DBS Check on Myself?

Over the years the Disclosure and Barring Service system has changed, and the most important change in recent times has been the ability for an individual to request a criminal record check on themselves. There are however some limits to this system.
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Accelerated Process to Approve New Foster Parents

Councils around the country are trying to tread a fine line between speeding up the process of getting new carers on board, but at the same time ensuring that processes are robust enough to safeguard some very vulnerable children and young people.
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Key Workers – What Are They?

If there’s one phrase we’ve heard more in the last couple of months than any other, it’s “key workers”. This phrase is something you’ll hear multiple times a day from television reporters and government briefings.
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Concern over Security Flaws on Government Websites

According to an investigation by leading technology publication New Scientist, a large number of government websites have serious security issues which could put you at risk. The government operates over 3000 different websites under the domain name, covering everything from central government departments to smaller district council websites.
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