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CRB Checks for Sole Traders

Apply for a DBS Check

Be it in healthcare or hospitality, starting up solo in the service industry could be what you've always dreamed of but be sure you have the relevant accreditations in place before going it alone.

Having the right level of a CRB check is going to be the make or break of your business, so make it your business to have this crucial aspect in place before you start out.

If your service involves the vulnerable such as children and the elderly, you will need the highest CRB certification and this will have to be applied for on your behalf. If, however, your new enterprise is in general hospitality then a basic CRB check is all you will need.

A CRB check gives your customers peace of mind when it comes to dealing with you and it will display a degree of due diligence on your part.


Basic CRB Check

You can apply for a basic CRB check if you work for yourself. If you have no convictions or the convictions or cautions you had have been spent, then your certificate will come back to you blank. You can now confidently advertise the fact that you have a basic CRB check and this can be confirmed online by your clients if you provide them with a reference number and your full name and address.


Standard CRB check

Being self-employed you might believe your business would benefit by you having a standard CRB check. This certification is necessary for those who work in the finance and legal sectors.

Unlike a basic CRB check, individuals cannot apply for this certification personally. So, it is advisable to join a recognised organisation or screening service that will apply for it on your behalf.


Enhanced CRB check

Children and the elderly, for example, are classed as vulnerable. So, if you come into contact with either of these groups or maybe even both, then you have to have an enhanced CRB check.

If you are a contractor who works on hospital wards, you will come into contact with the patients and would need a standard CRB check or if you do work at a school during the time children are in attendance you will be eligible for an enhanced CRB check. These only apply if you do contract work in these situations more than three times in a 30-day period.

Other self-employed jobs such as lifeguards, nannies, chiropractors and physiotherapists all need enhanced CRB checks.

Like the standard CRB check an enhanced certificate will have to be requested by a screening service or perhaps the organisation you regularly do work for.


How to secure enhanced or standard CRB clearance

It doesn’t make sense to self-certify when it comes to certain sectors. An organisation, institution, society or specific screening service can initiate the check on your behalf.

These types of CRB checks are there to reassure those who use your service that you are suitable to work in their environment.

Here are examples of how you can obtain enhanced CRB clearance:

  • Umbrella companies: the CRB government website has a link to companies that can do these checks on your behalf. These are categorised for different sectors and you can find one that best suits your business.
  • Recruitment agencies: you can sign up to a consultancy that specialises in your line of business. They can obtain a standard or enhanced check for you.
  • Ofsted: working with an Ofsted-registered organisation that provides childcare means that you will need to have an enhanced CRB check. If you work around children in another capacity, you can ask Ofsted to submit an enhanced CRB check on your behalf.

So, if you are self-employed it is important to see if a CRB check is going to provide your customers with a full and assured service.