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As a construction manager working in the UK, you will be required to undergo a basic DBS check. DBS checks are carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service and are used to verify your suitability for the role.

A basic DBS check for a construction manager will involve a statutory search to see if you have any unspent criminal convictions or conditional cautions. This is a first tier check which can be requested by you or your employer. ...More about basic checks

Your role as a construction manager will require you to work in a range of contexts so you could find yourself being asked to take an enhanced DBS check.

An enhanced DBS check for a construction manager is necessary if you are working in a location where you could come into contact with children or vulnerable adults, such as a school or care provision.

This higher level CRB check will involve a search for any spent and unspent convictions, reprimands, cautions, warnings and non-conviction information held by relevant police forces.

DBS checks for construction managers are a legal requirement set out in the 1974 Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.

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