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The Quickest Way to Get a DBS Check

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In 2019, we’re all about speed. If we see something we want online, there’s an option for next day delivery, and shops are open around the clock. So, it can come as a bit of a surprise when you’re confronted with delay. That’s certainly the case when it comes to DBS checks. Not everyone will need one of these checks into your police record, but they are essential for people working in a wide range of occupations. If you’ve been told that you have to go through the process, what’s the best way to get it quickly?


No Fastrack

Unlike other official government paperwork, there is no fast track option. It’s not like applying for a passport, where you can pay a bit more for a face to face appointment at the passport office to get your passport more quickly. There isn’t the ability to do this for any level of DBS check, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to affect how quickly the certificate is returned to you in the post.


Be Prepared and Act Quickly

It sounds obvious, but if you are slow in filling in the application form, spend days trying to work out what identification you need and delay in seeing someone with your documents, this is going to slow up your certificate. Most DBS applications are done online, so you can go onto the website at any time of the day or night to fill in the form. Try to be as flexible as you can when arranging to see someone with your original identity documents – the sooner you get that appointment, the sooner you’ll get your certificate. If you can’t find the right combination of identity documents, or don’t have things like bank statements in your own name, then get advice as soon as you can.


Organise Your Paperwork

An important part of the DBS application process is to prove your identity, and this isn’t as simple as it sounds. No organisation can simply take your word for who you are. You have to be able to confirm your identity with documents like your passport, driving licence and utility bills. The tricky part is often bills and statements as you need original documents, rather than printouts or photocopies. If you have opted for paperless statements and billing, you might have to request hard copies from your bank in the post. This all takes time, so arrange them as soon as you can.


Get Help

There are lots of third-party organisations which will help you with your DBS application. They can’t fast-track your application either but do have the expertise to make sure any mistakes or omissions are corrected before sending the form off. If you’re not familiar with the DBS form, then this can be a valuable service. DBS processing companies can also help you if your circumstances are a little unusual, perhaps because you’ve moved around a lot, recently arrived in the UK from overseas, or have just left full-time education.