Original Documents and DBS Checks

Apply for a DBS Check

After you have filled in your DBS application form, the next step is to put together some documents to back up your identity and address history. Lots of the websites you see will talk about recent and original documents but what exactly does this mean?


Recent Documents

There are two key measures you should remember when looking for documents for your DBS application: 3 months, and 12 months. If you are looking at documents which you receive more than once a year, you need to show one dated within the last three months. This covers documents like bank statements, correspondence from your mortgage company or electricity bills. If you want to use documents which are only sent out annually, you need the latest issued. You can use items like your P60, council tax statement or self-assessment reminder as proof of address but need a letter dated in the last year. If you don’t have recent documents then it’s worth contacting your bank, electricity company or similar and asking if they can send you something in the post.


Original Documents

The other requirement for documents is that they must be originals. That means no photocopies, no printouts of a bill or statement you’ve received online, no scanned copies and no photocopies. Fraud can be a problem with DBS applications, and only asking for original documents can cut down on fake applications. Applicants can be wary about providing their passport or other originals, but in most cases all that’s needed is a quick glance at the documents and a check of the photo against your appearance. In some cases, usually when your employer’s head office is located a long way from your home address, seeing them in person isn’t possible. However, there are ways round this, with a bit of careful planning.


Getting Documents Verified

If you don’t want to send your original passport, birth certificate or other documents in the post, then you can get them verified as true copies instead. The Post Office is the most common place to get this done, but banks and lawyers might offer the service too. All the applicant has to do is turn up at the post office with their original documents and copies. The official in the Post Office will then inspect the originals and the copies. If they are happy that the copy is a genuine representation of the original, then they will then stamp it with an official stamp, sign and date it. This service isn’t free, and organisations will vary in the fees they charge for verifying documents. The DBS will then accept the copies instead of demanding to see the originals. Always check with the DBS before assuming copies will be accepted.


Renewals and Documents

Organisations will have their own rules about when a DBS check gets renewed. If you know your renewal date is approaching, make a mental note to start keeping statements and bills as they arrive to have them easily to hand when your employer asks you do bring your documents in.