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Students and DBS

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It’s that time of year again where a new set of students are heading off to University to start their training for a new career. Many will be moving away from home for the first time, or even coming from overseas to study in the UK. Further education isn’t a cheap option, and thousands of students take on part-time jobs to fund their living and tuition costs. One of the boring administrative jobs which some new students might come across is being asked to apply for a DBS check.


DBS as a University Requirement

For some courses, students might be asked to apply for a DBS check before they even start classes. This is usually the case for courses leading to an occupation where DBS checking is always required, such as teaching, medicine, dentistry or nursing. Universities generally ask students to start the DBS process as soon as their places are confirmed, in the hope of having all certificates returned before term starts. Don’t delay if you’ve been asked to complete forms or supply identification to your University as if you haven’t yet received your DBS this might stop you from observing in hospitals or going on teaching practice.


Students and Addresses

Another area where students find that they have more work to do that other types of applicants is giving a full address history for the past five years. Students often move around a lot, living at their parents’ house in holidays and different flats each year at Uni. Give all your addresses and as much information as you can about the dates you lived in each place. DBS will assume – unless you tell them otherwise – that you’re at your parents’ address during University vacations. If as part of your University course you’ve spent time working or studying outside the UK, you’ll need details of that too. Any gaps in your address history might lead to delays in forms being issued, so seek advice from the DBS if you are unsure how to proceed.


Overseas Students

Students who come to the UK from outside the UK have the right to work up to 20 hours per week in the UK alongside study. If these students are seeking work in settings which require a DBS, the first hurdle is going to be their lack of any file at all with the Police in the UK. People from other countries will be asked to provide a police certificate from their home countries then have it translated into English if appropriate, and getting this could be considerably more expensive than a standard DBS check. For these reasons, many overseas students stick to retail or restaurant work, or other roles which don’t require DBS checking.


People Dealing With Students

Students may well be under the age of 18 themselves, and therefore people working as University lecturers or tutors may also be required to undergo DBS checks. Students can look for information on their university website about safeguarding and there should be policies and procedures which students and concerned parents can look at to reassure themselves about the safeguarding of students.