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If you are planning to join the Royal Navy, you should be aware you will be asked to take a basic DBS check.

A basic DBS check for the Royal Navy is a statutory criminal record check, carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service. The Disclosure and Barring Service are a public body working on behalf of the Home Office.

The DBS have a mandate to safeguard the public so all those working in frontline roles, particularly those who come into contact with children and vulnerable adults, are subject to CRB checks.

DBS checks at the MOD

A basic DBS check for the Royal Navy will involve a formal search during the recruitment process for any unspent criminal convictions or conditional cautions.

Following the search, you will receive a DBS certificate through the post and online. If any information was found during the search, it will be listed on the DBS certificate.

However, don’t assume the presence of information on your DBS certificate will stop you from being able to join the Royal Navy. Royal Navy recruiting officers assess every case individually.

There are some instances where an offence could prevent you from joining the Royal Navy. However, for each recruit, Royal Navy staff will carefully consider the type of offence committed and sentence served.

The most important thing for the Royal Navy is that the information is shared with them because withholding information from the MoD about your criminal history is a criminal offence. For further information about joining the Royal Navy visit Royal Navy.uk.

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