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To work as a printer in the UK you will need to take a DBS check. DBS checks are statutory criminal record checks for frontline workers.

There are four types of DBS checks in operation in the UK. The checks exist to keep the public safe from those who are unsuitable for frontline roles.

The lowest level DBS check is reserved for those who have limited engagement with children and vulnerable adults when carrying out their role, those who engage in close and unsupervised contact with children and/ or vulnerable adults are subject to the strongest check.

As a printer you will have limited interactions with the public so a DBS check for a printer is a basic DBS check.

You can request a basic DBS yourself or your employer can request it on your behalf.

A basic DBS check for a printer will require a search for any unspent criminal convictions or conditional cautions.

Once the search is over, you will receive a DBS certificate listing any information found. You will need to share this certificate with your employer to complete the recruitment process.

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