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The rescue services lifeguards are on hand to perform mean recruitment to a lifeguard position in the UK is subject to a statutory criminal record check.

Carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service on behalf of the Home Office, a DBS check for a lifeguard is used to ensure applicants are suitable for the type of close contact lifeguards have with the public in unsupervised roles.

To complete your recruitment to a lifeguard position you will need to fill out an enhanced DBS check for a lifeguard. Enhanced DBS checks are high-level checks reserved for those who work closely with the public.

An enhanced DBS check for a lifeguard will involve a search for any spent convictions, reprimands, cautions, warnings and non-conviction information held by relevant police forces.

On completion of the check, the DBS will send you a DBS certificate listing any information found. You must show this certificate to your employer to complete your application.

DBS checks are a legislated vetting procedure for frontline roles, established under the 1974 Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.

You will need to complete the check to work as a lifeguard in the UK. For further information visit Becoming a Lifeguard UK. More..