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As a member of the ambulance service you will need to undertake an enhanced DBS check with barred lists.

An enhanced DBS check with barred lists will require a search for any unspent or spent convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings, as well as further non-conviction information from relevant police forces, plus checks against the children’s and/ or the vulnerable adults barred list.

This level of scrutiny is necessary because you will be constantly engaged in unsupervised contact with the public. An enhanced DBS check with barred lists is the most stringent level of CRB check available in the UK. It is used with all regulated healthcare professions such as the ambulance service.

Paramedics are crucial frontline workers in close contact with patients. As first responders, paramedics have a degree of responsibility in providing health and personal care for the public.

Getting the right person in role is imperative so you can expect an enhanced DBS check with barring lists to take place from the recruitment stage. Other frontline colleagues such as nurses, trauma doctors and surgeons also undertake the same level of checks. Find out more about DBS checks.