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As a member of airport staff you can anticipate a basic DBS check will form part of the recruitment process for most roles. A basic DBS check for a member of airport staff is used to check whether you have any unspent criminal convictions or conditional cautions. More about basic DBS checks

Once you become an employee, you will need to undergo a fresh, basic DBS check each time your airport ID card is renewed. Most positions within airport staff teams require you to have an airport ID card so regardless of your duties, it is highly likely you will need a CRB check.

How far should I expect a DBS check for airport staff to go?

Your role won’t involve unsupervised contact with the public so the DBS check won’t search any deeper than unspent criminal convictions and conditional cautions. The purpose of the check is purely to ensure the airport remains a safe and secure environment.

With the enormous number of staff involved in carrying out the day to day operations of a busy airport, it is easy to understand why basic DBS checks are necessary for almost all airport staff. To understand more about basic DBS checks or to apply for a basic check online, visit our homepage.