Using the Same DBS Check for Multiple Jobs

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Gone are the days when people worked for their whole career with the same employer. Switching jobs frequently is now common, and one of the most commonly asked questions of DBS staff is whether one DBS certificate can be used for a succession of jobs. Unfortunately, DBS checks aren’t automatically portable, and, in many cases, you won’t be able to use a DBS check obtained in one position when you move on to the next. However, there are ways around this requirement.


DBS Update for Transferable Checks

The only way in which you can use the same DBS check for multiple positions is if you have signed up for the DBS Update Service. Individuals can only enrol in the Update service at the same time as requesting a DBS check, or within 14 days of their certificate arriving in the post. If you sign up to the Update service and pay the annual subscription fee to remain a member, then your DBS check is portable between positions in the same job sector.

DBS Update is an online service, and enrolling gives you the ability to log in and update your information online, without having to request a new certificate. When you move to a new employer, all you have to do is share the log in details with your employer, who can then log onto the DBS system and see the current information held about your criminal record. This cuts down on waiting time while your check is being processed and makes moving between jobs far more straightforward.


Limitations to DBS Update

Although DBS Update works well for people who are switching between similar positions, there are some restrictions which mean it’s not such a great choice for other employees. There are three levels of DBS checks in increasing detail – basic, standard, and enhanced. If you have a standard disclosure and enrol in DBS Update, you can only use the database for other jobs requiring a standard disclosure. If you apply for a position in education or healthcare for example, which requires a more detailed level of checking, you will still have to go through the process of getting a new DBS check.

Because of this issue of Update not being valid when moving between employment sectors, the largest group of people who have embraced the Update scheme are those working in adult healthcare. Nurses or carers who take on a range of roles across several hospitals or care homes, always caring for adults, need the same DBS check each time, and benefit from the speed of the process, allowing them to start work right away.


Enrolling in DBS Update

In order to sign up for DBS Update, you must first get a disclosure check done in the normal way. As you are filling in the form online, there should be an additional button to click to join the update scheme. Pay the annual subscription of £13, and your membership can continue for as long as you wish to remain an Update member.