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Top Tips for Getting Your DBS Checking Right

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Whatever the size of your business, any manager will know that it’s almost impossible to keep on top of everything. It’s often the simple processes which are the most time-consuming, and among the most complex are recruitment. Making sure you’re getting the right person for a vacancy is a crucial decision and requires the investment of time and energy in placing adverts, screening CVs, conducting interviews and then training up a new employee. If you’re recruiting for a position which requires DBS checking, that’s just one other hurdle to jump through before your new worker can start.

Here are 5 top tips to make sure the DBS process runs smoothly and efficiently.


Know the System

Delays can occur for many reasons within the DBS system, but you can help things progress smoothly by knowing how the system works, making sure you get people to fill in the correct forms, provide the correct forms of identification and apply for the right type of disclosure for the job being done. If you’re not sure how the system works it might be best to get external help with this.


Tweak Your Working Practices Accordingly

Employees are most often asked to undergo a disclosure check because they are working with children, vulnerable adults, or in a position which carries a high degree of responsibility. Depending on the type of work you are doing, you might be able to have members of staff team up for that they are not working alone while their DBS is processed.


Identification Checks

There is a wide range of documents which can be used to prove who someone is as part of the DBS checking process. If applicants don’t have a passport or driving licence, the combinations of accepted documents can get complex. Read and re-read the guidelines to make sure that you have seen the correct types of documents. This can be particularly challenging when dealing with people who have recently arrived in the UK from overseas.


Know About Seasonal and Regional Variations

DBS forms are checked by the local police forces wherever your applicant is living. Some parts of the country process DBS forms much more quickly than others. Performance statistics are widely available online. If you’re in London, the area which experiences the lengthiest delays, try to keep the process as short as possible by checking and double checking paperwork before submitting it. Similarly, if you are in a very seasonal industry, remember that all of your competitors will be submitting DBS checks for their employees at the same time as you.


DBS Update

You can avoid all delays by asking applicants at interview stage whether they’re registered for the DBS update service. It’s not compulsory to register, but if you are considering employing someone who is registered, they can simply give you a login code and password for the website which allows you to check their DBS immediately. There’s no need for further checking, and the employee can start work straight away.