DBS Checks for Delivery Jobs

Apply for a DBS Check

The range of jobs which require a DBS check is huge and growing all of the time. There’s understandably a high degree of confusion from the general public about who needs a DBS check and who doesn’t. Over the last few months, delivery drivers have never been so busy, as we all stayed away from the shops and ordered online instead. If it’s a field you are thinking of getting into, either as a short-term income-boosting measure or as a longer-term job move, will you need a DBS check?


Levels of DBS Checking

There are three separate levels of DBS check, called basic, standard and enhanced. The type of DBS certificate someone needs depends entirely on the sort of work they are doing. The problem is with delivery driving that there is no one straight answer about DBS checking. Whether you need a certificate will depend largely on what you’re delivering, and how you’re delivering it.


Basic DBS Checks

Most delivery drivers who are bringing us things we’ve bought online, takeaways or supermarket shopping will fall into the category of basic DBS checks only. A basic DBS check isn’t a legal requirement, so employers don’t have to run any checks on their drivers if they choose not to do so. However, an organisation employing someone to drive around in a van full of expensive electrical equipment may decide that they want to confirm that their driver doesn’t have a long criminal past. A basic DBS check will allow them to check that the person they are employing has no current, unspent criminal convictions. Most companies employing drivers will also check driving licences to ensure that staff are properly qualified for the vehicles they are driving.


Enhanced or Standard DBS Checks

There is a small sub-group of delivery drivers which might need to have a more detailed check into their past. This group could include people who have been employed in recent months to help out with the NHS response to the coronavirus pandemic. If you are delivering controlled drugs, prescriptions, or going into people’s houses to make sure they have their medication, then a more detailed level of check will be needed. This is the same level of checking as for other people working in NHS or care-related roles and will look at not only a current criminal record but also older offences too.


Getting a DBS Check

It’s up to your employer to tell you whether or not you need a DBS check, and to organise the form and application. All you need to do is follow their instructions and get help with any parts of the form which you’re not sure about. In most cases, the employer will also pay the cost of the application too. The certificate will be sent to you in the post after processing, but this could take some weeks. Depending on the type of role you will be doing, you might be able to start work and start earning while you’re waiting for your certificate.