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Category Archives: DBS News and Advice

Apply for a DBS Check

Who Gets to See My DBS Certificate?

There’s no getting around having a DBS check when you are applying for certain professions. The list of jobs and situations in which applicants need a DBS is set down in law by the government, and so employers are not free to decide who has a DBS check and who doesn’t. A DBS check looks into your criminal record, and lists convictions and cautions which are on the Police computer.

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Tackling Employee Fraud

The figures are startling – around £40 million lost each year by UK businesses due to fraud by employees. Fraud within organisations takes many forms, from the simplest type of fraud whereby someone just steals cash from their workplace, to more complex types of fraud where the employee manipulates accounts of their friends or family. Tracking down fraud can be tricky, but there are certain “red flags” which might indicate there’s something going on to worry about.

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Starting Work Without a DBS Check

In an ideal world, the process of getting your DBS check would always run very smoothly. Usually, DBS checks are issued within around two weeks of them being requested, but statistics repeatedly show that some areas are consistently failing to issue certificates within this timescale.

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Top Tips for Getting Your DBS Checking Right

Whatever the size of your business, any manager will know that it’s almost impossible to keep on top of everything. It’s often the simple processes which are the most time-consuming, and among the most complex are recruitment. Making sure you’re getting the right person for a vacancy is a crucial decision and requires the investment of time and energy in placing adverts, screening CVs, conducting interviews and then training up a new employee.

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Why Are There Three Different Levels of DBS?

It’s hardly surprising that there’s a lot of confusion about checks performed by the Police into your background. For a start, the body which we all knew as the Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) changed a few years ago into another body called the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

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Police Checks When Moving Abroad

Thousands of British people move overseas every year to work, either temporarily or permanently. Young people taking a gap year either before or after Uni, people who are relocating to another country with an existing employer, or those breaking away from the UK completely to build a new life elsewhere. Anyone who has made the move to a new country will know just how much paperwork there is to get through when you’re trying to organise the practicalities of renting a property or opening a bank account.

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Working as a Stadium Steward – What You Should Know

It sounds like the perfect part time job for a music or sports fan – working as a steward at a local venue and getting to see concerts, plays and football matches free of charge. While it’s true that working as a steward might allow you to get into events and be paid for being there, it’s often hard work and there are certain requirements to get the job in the first place.

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Delays Reported in Modernisation of DBS System

The DBS system hit the headlines again at the end of May 2018 when a report issued by the government’s Public Accounts Committee revealed that an upgrade to modernise the way in which the Disclosure and Barring Service works is running four years late and has exceeded its budget by £229 million.

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Summer Jobs and DBS

School’s out for summer and thousands of University students and school leavers around the country are scouring the internet for jobs which will see them through the summer and help them save some cash for the next academic year. Retail, restaurant and bar work are traditional choices for students trying to earn some cash, but zero contracts and short-term contracts are becoming more popular in other industries too.

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Refusing a DBS Check

If you’re trying to negotiate the minefield of getting a new job, it can often seem like there are endless hoops to jump through. One of these hoops is getting your DBS checks done, or PVG in Scotland or AccessNI in Northern Ireland. But what happens if you don’t want to have your employer digging around in your criminal record?

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