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In some cases, you may need to undertake a basic DBS check if you are applying to join the army. A basic DBS check for the army usually happens at the recruitment stage for some starter roles, not all.

Unlike a number of other sectors, in the army, information that shows up on your DBS check may be put to one side.

A basic DBS check for the army will mean a search is carried out for any unspent criminal convictions or conditional cautions. However in the case of the army, if any unspent criminal convictions or conditional cautions do turn up, recruiting officers will discuss them with you.

For the army, the emphasis is on honesty. If you have any unspent convictions, the advice from the military is to tell them about them. In return, they can give you a chance to talk about your unspent convictions and make a judgement call from there.

Unless the role calls for more than a basic DBS, the criminal history in question is for any unspent convictions only. You won’t be required to divulge spent convictions if the position only requires a basic DBS check.

You must though, be open and share any unspent convictions if asked otherwise it will be a legal offence for which you can be prosecuted. Learn more about basic DBS checks and how you can apply online for a basic DBS check today - visit our homepage.