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Here are some reviews from people who we have assisted with Basic Disclosure Checks:

With so many different types of Disclosure checks available, I wasn’t quite sure which type I needed. My main concern was to get compliant so that I could start my Job. After speaking with Gary at CRB Direct, I fully understood what was needed and they took care of the process for me. 5 stars
Teresa O’Brian | Norfolk

CRB Direct really helped me through the process as I had no idea what to do when I was asked to get a Basic Disclosure Certificate. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a bit of support and guidance throughout the process.
Julie Peterson | South London

I was successful in getting my dream job, I knew I needed to get a Basic Disclosure check but was unsure of how to. I contacted CRB Direct and they gave me all the information I needed and I was soon able to start in my role at work.
Mr Morris | Essex