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Unregistered Schools and DBS Checks

Ofsted, the agency which regulates schools in England and Wales, continues to raise concerns over the number of unregistered schools which continue to operate across the country. By law, all schools should be registered with the authorities, and meet certain safety standards. These include looking at the types of buildings which the schools operate in, and the types of staff they employ.
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New Welsh Application Route for DBS

In an attempt to constantly improve and upgrade their service, the DBS has recently announced an option to apply for a disclosure and barring service check in Welsh. This is just the latest tweak to the DBS processing options, alongside the ability to pay for basic checks using online payment services and several other changes regarding identity checking
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Could an Offensive Tweet Show on Your DBS?

Nearly everyone uses social media, and for most people it’s a great way to keep in touch with friends and find out what your favourite celebrities and brands are up to. However, a minority of people get into trouble every year over their use of social media. In serious cases, this could result in prosecution and a criminal record. Are you risking your police record with your Twitter or Instagram posts?
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DBS Checks for Volunteers

Millions of us volunteer in the UK every year. Over the course of a year, about 40% of people get involved in some sort of voluntary work, whether on a regular basis or as a one-off. It’s hard to put a value on all of this unpaid effort, but what is certainly true is that events and activities just couldn’t run without enthusiastic volunteers.
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Latest DBS Performance Data

For several years, the government has been publishing data on how quickly DBS checks are being processed around the UK. Figures are issued quarterly, and the most recent figures show performance between April and September 2019.
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DBS Certificates are Changing Appearance

If you’ve applied for a DBS check recently, then don’t be surprised if your certificate looks a little different to the certificates which have been issued in the past. The Disclosure and Barring Service has recently announced a change in the way certificates are printed, and although the changes are minor, it’s something which both applicants and employers should be aware of.
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What do I Need to Tell My Employer about A Criminal Record?

In most cases, people with a criminal record would prefer to keep this hidden and not tell anyone about it unless absolutely necessary. If you’ve ever thought that you’re the only person with a criminal record at your employer or in your circle of friends you’re probably wrong. Around 11 million adults in the UK have a criminal record.
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Brexit and DBS Checks

The latest on the Brexit news from the UK is that it has been delayed – again – until the UK goes through a General Election campaign for a vote on 12th December. The main group affected by this are European citizens who are living and working in the UK, with another delay to Brexit just adding to the uncertainty.
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Original Documents and DBS Checks

After you have filled in your DBS application form, the next step is to put together some documents to back up your identity and address history. Lots of the websites you see will talk about recent and original documents but what exactly does this mean?
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