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Youth Cautions and DBS Checks

Recent changes about what may or may not be disclosed on a DBS certificate have brought the issue of youth cautions back into the news agenda. The changes recently made to the DBS system are intended to improve the employment chances of ex-offenders, by disregarding very old convictions and cautions which are not representative of their recent conduct.
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DBS Checks and Independent Schools

Many parents who choose to opt out of the state education sector do so because they think the independent sector can offer something different for their child’s education. While it’s true that many independent schools have more flexibility over the curriculum, they still have to stick to minimum standards expected of all schools. This certainly applies when it comes to DBS checks.
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DBS Checks for Delivery Jobs

Over the last few months, delivery drivers have never been so busy, as we all stayed away from the shops and ordered online instead. If it’s a field you are thinking of getting into, either as a short-term income-boosting measure or as a longer-term job move, will you need a DBS check?
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Has Your DBS Expired During Lockdown?

Although the DBS worked throughout the pandemic, mostly prioritising applications from people working in the NHS and social care, they have experienced delays also. This could affect anyone who thinks they may need a new DBS check in the near future.
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New School Year, New DBS Check?

Among all the uncertainty, there will be new teachers and other members of staff due to take up new positions in school. But does that mean the DBS system will be flooded with many new applications?
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Contractors and DBS Checks

Contractors work in a wide range of occupations, from the building industry to IT in multinational companies. Not all of these roles will require a DBS check, but some might. Are there different rules for contractors who require a DBS check?
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Under 18s and DBS Checks

When it comes to disclosure checks, much of the emphasis is on protecting children from harm. But what happens for companies employing workers who are under 18 themselves?
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Delays in DBS Checks

Lots of things are taking longer than usual at the moment. The global pandemic, and the impact of people working from home or remotely has affected everything from driving tests to getting a renewal on your passport. One of the main areas which has seen delays is the processing of DBS checks.
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